Nielson Properties is a privately owned firm that has been operating successfully since 1987.  We are a small, highly professional team that operates in a team focused environment. Our senior management boasts an average length of service within the organisation in excess of twelve (12) years, and relevant industry experience of greater than twenty (20) years.

Based in Birsbane, the capital city of Queensland in Australia, we hold assets and have delivered projects across the state. We have the capacity to work across the Australian eastern seaboard.

We own and invest in our own properties, and also serve as a platform and contracted partner for major investors. Under these arrangements we provide international investors with hands on management of their assets and an advocate in understanding and dealing with federal, state and local property legislation. We also utilise our understanding of the intricacies of the local markets including valuation trends, tenant movements and interests, and methods for maximising returns over the life-cycle of an asset.

We believe that the results of our work have a major impact on the experience people have in the cities in which they live. Good design and consideration of the amenity that is provided to the public, as well as actively supporting the social infastructure that underpins a cities personality. To this end we are strong supporters of our local community, and always look to incorporate consideration of the 'social infastructure' requirements of the city into our management and improvement of assets.