Our Asset and Property Management team has been providing their services since 1994. Ensuring that an assets performance is maximised on a weekly, quarterly, annual and ‘whole of life’ basis, we deliver consistent long term results.

We currently manage over $430,000,000 in office assets of which over 80% is in Brisbane city and near city locations. This intimate sector and geographic knowledge has led to our being identified as a leader in the Queensland commercial office market, and provides us with the understanding, contacts and capacity to drive value for all assets under our control.

A key component in our successful management of these assets is the integrated management model of asset property and facilities management that we have been utilising since 1994. This ensures we are able to directly manage all issues arising from the pre-due diligence stage through to post sale completion.

Key actions we undertake to ensure asset performance include:

Maximising free cash flows: Upon securing an asset, we complete exhaustive revenue, recoverable and general expenses audit. The completion of this enables us to action a range of options to immediately increase operational cash-flow.

Tenant engagement: We consistently work with our tenants, gaining an understanding of their businesses operations and future plans. Through this we are able to provide long term leasing strategies for increasing portfolio values, as well as mitigating the risks of extended vacancies.

Targeted Capital Expenditure: From improvements in existing plant to complete refurbishments, we time the volume and delivery of capital works to minimise their impact on cash flows and maximise total property values