Nielson Properties has been managing property investments on behalf of superannuation/pension funds, syndicates and joint venture partners since 1994.

Our activities undertaken for these investors adhere to a strict view of seeking strong returns, balanced with detailed risk mitigation strategies. We assess the best value options of an asset both in the present and through future real estate cycles. Strategies are established and implemented accordingly, providing stability through the full term of investments.

Our two key clients, a locally based private superannuation fund and Malaysias Perodalan Nasional Berhad have been with us over multiple contract periods, appreciating the high engagement levels we have in managing their portfolios.  Our management of investment portfolios is an active process with concurrent focus on both short term income and long term capital value.

Since 2001 our total Assets Under Management have increased from $31M through to a current year valuation of $430M. This growth reflects our consistent results returns to investors whether their preferred assets are core, Value-add or even development in profile.


To learn more about our portfolios please see the Asset and Property Management page.